OBJAVLJENO 21.03.2018.

Traminac izborna berba is champion of Mostar Fair 2018.

Assessing the quality of the wine at the Fair Mostar without exaggeration is one of the most relevant event of this nature on the territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina, and indeed would be worth the same effort to preserve and develop in the future.

Besides the interests of domestic producers who have the opportunity to obtain relevant image quality of their wines and can be easily compared with other producers in Bosnia and Herzegovina, but also those from other countries, participation in this event should be interesting and producers from the countries of the wider environment, which would Bosnia and Herzegovina market could and should be interesting for the placement of its wines.

However, this year the wine evaluation confirms once again that the local wines from Bosnia and Herzegovina, as well as wines from the neighboring countries, in all respects highly valuable and able to go out and to the most demanding global markets. Only high quality wines from this area can compensate "the problem of small wine - growing countries" and a modest amount of production, and in spite of everything in the future to impose itself as an interesting area in the global wine-growing and winemaking sector.

To all producers, participants evaluation that have sent their wines at this year's festival to be "listened" what the jury says about the achieved levels of quality of their wines sincere congratulations on the achieved results, expecting to see you next year, in even greater number and with might some new, old, or for the first time achieved champion titles.

Vinarija Zure, Lumbarda Korčula
winner of a group of white still wines – Pošip zure

Hercegovina produkt
winner of a group of vigorous wines – Žilavka Zlatna dolina

Vinarija Sušić, Imotski
winner of a group of black still wines – Jokan cuvee

Vinarija Čitluk d.d.
the winner of the Blatina Wine Group – Teuta Blatina


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