OBJAVLJENO 09.03.2020.

A Review of Wine Evaluation 2020

As part of this year's 23rd International Economy Fair Mostar 2020, the international quality evaluation of wine has reached adulthood. This fact, in any case, confirms the good, persistent and useful work of the entire Mostar Fair Management in favor of promoting the interests of viticulture and winemaking in the Bosnia and Herzegovina, which we should all sincerely congratulate and thank. This year's evaluation, along with the "reaching adulthood", will be remembered for a few more interesting details and facts.

First, since Hungary is a partner country at this year's Fair, 22 samples of extremely high-quality wine have appeared at the wine judging, one of the Tokaj wines was awarded a great gold medal and as the best-rated sample with the championship title of Mostar 2020 Fair. All compliments and congratulations! It should be noted that this will be a good and unique opportunity for the general public and visitors of the Fair to taste some of the wines from the competition, as well as other Hungarian wines that will be on their stand during the event.

Another important fact to highlight is the abundance of samples to be evaluated. By reviewing the archive of the past seventeen evaluations, we have established that this year we have reached a record of 2008, or equaled it, when exactly 121 samples of wine were evaluated. However, it is concluded that this evaluation has been recognized as a significant and relevant place to get an objective picture of the condition and quality level of wines by wine producers from Bosnia and Herzegovina, but also surrounding countries, primarily Croatia and this year Hungary. The appearance of wine producers from the surrounding countries at this event is also an opportunity to offer their wines to the BiH market and to allow a wider audience and potential consumers to taste them.

The third peculiarity of this year's evaluation is the fact that all the winning wines by competing groups were obtained without the need for additional competition because by their objective quality, expressed in average grades, they significantly deviated from other samples in the competition. Honestly, in my many years of work and conducting such evaluations, this is a unique case. Moreover, the winning wines and their creators deserve all the congratulations and praise.

With all of the above, it remains to say that at this year's evaluation, all the wines arrived were of a high quality, with red wines being significantly better than white ones in general, which can most easily be read from the distribution of awards, as well as the fact that this year's the winner of the red wine group, without the Blatina wine, decorated with a large gold medal.

At the end, to all the producers and participants who have sent their wines to this year's show to "hear" what the jury says about the quality levels of their wines, I send my sincere congratulations on the results achieved, expecting to see you again in the next year, in even greater number and with some new, old, or for the first time achieved championship titles.

Prof.dr.sc. Bernard Kozina


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