OBJAVLJENO 07.04.2012.
Sajam Mostar

The Mayor of Zagreb visited the Fair

The fourteenth International Economy Fair – Mostar 2011 , was visited by the delegacy of the city Zagreb , headed by the Mayor Milan Bandić. After visiting the stands and talking with this year exhibitors , Banić emphasized that the Mostar Fair is first and foremost a breakthrough event , and that its organizers have his full support.

I am here to give a support to Mostar that has definetely healed its war wounds. This 14th International Economy Fair in Mostar is going on very good and 700 exhibitors , from which many are from abroad, give optimism , but a lot of effort and work are still necessary , said Bandić.
He adds that BiH, as well as Croatia has fallen into recession , and that out of that condition it cannot be gone out with folded hands. Bandić also referred to the political situation in BiH on this occasion.
I love to come here ,I am the son of BiH , this is also a Croatian country and I am sad because of the late events in this country , especially when it comes to the Croatian people, said Bandić.
He points out that no nation in BiH has other country , convinced that there would be a solution to the equality of all people. Director of the 14th Mostar Fair Dalfina Bošnjak said that she is satisfied with the success of this year Fair. „ Our resume is fantastic , this year we did something we could not dream of to be successful.
We set the high goals , however, we are satisfied because we get the feedback that dozens of contracts have been signed between the businessmen at Fair this year", said Bošnjak. She emphasized that this signed contracts are in fact of great importance for the organizers and the exhibitors . „Without the development of the economy there is no development for the country", said the director Bošnjak.


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