OBJAVLJENO 04.04.2023.

International B2B meetings

INTERA Technology Park Mostar (Bosnia and Herzegovina) with co-organizers and partners, and with the support of the Enterprise Europe Network, is organizing International B2B meetings on May 2nd and May 3rd 2023. Learn more details and register now at:

International B2B meetings Mostar fair 2023 - Info (b2match.io)

Make it easy and quick to find new customers, suppliers, partners or just new business contacts from countries in the Western Balkans region or beyond. Learn how you can benefit from services of Enterprise Europe Network.

By quickly signing up on a B2B platform, create your own business / partner profile and ultimately book a meeting with companies of your interest. Participation in these B2B meetings is free of charge, and a confirmed registration is, at the same time, a ticket to the Mostar Fair grounds.