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Žilavka and blatina of high quality

In the premises of the Mostar Fair, March 6 2017 was held evaluation of wine samples submitted to the 20th International Economic Fair in Mostar. The evaluation was carried out by international commission made up of fourteen excellent oenologist from the entire region, and chaired by prof. dr. Bernard Kozina. This year was evaluated 90 samples of red and white wines (mostly vintage 2015 and 2016 year) received from Herzegovina, Slovenia, Montenegro, Macedonia and mostly from Croatia. Evaluation of wine samples in the context of the Mostar Fair has once again shown that Herzegovina actually produces wines of respectable quality. Wines were evaluated according to the established method of 100 positive points of the International Organization of Vine and Wine (OIV), which was accepted practically all over the world. "For many years I have rightly been quite critical towards local winemakers so I was boring myself.

Now I am afraid that I will become boring in another way, because indeed I have no reason to be critical. The varieties of wines in recent years are coming to Mostar Fair, and there are žilavka and blatina, were definitely of high quality and technical and technological sense. So science, technology and modern methods are being developed and are progressing and should be monitored, and we'll be even more satisfied"- said prof. dr. Kozina, the professor of viticulture and winemaking at the University of Zagreb. According to the Rules of evaluation of the Mostar Fair, wine samples that get an average grade of commissions over 90 points out of 100 possible, get a great gold. Samples that obtained from 80 to 89 points receive a gold medal, and wines that receive a plaque for participation and it is quite normal to take part in the wine market, and there is a lot wines like this.

The winners will be known and will soon be published on the website of the Mostar Fair, while the awards and prizes to the best winemakers will be presented in the context of specialized event Tourism Fair of Mostar on Wednesday, April 5. Jubilee 20th International Trade Fair will be held April 4 to 8, 2017.


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