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Chinese companies are attending Mostar Fair the following year

Chinese companies are attending Mostar Fair the following year

The Ambassador of the People's Republic of China in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Chen Bo received the Director of the Mostar Fair Dalfina Bošnjak in Sarajevo and thanked her for the excellent organization of "16 + 1" Agricultural Products and Wine Fair, which was held at Mostar Fair in April this year and was jointly organized by authorities of China, the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Relations and the Mostar Fair. The Ambassador Bo also announced that she will encourage Chinese businessmen to come and to attend the next 21st International Trade Fair in Mostar, which will take place from April 10 to 14, 2018.

At this year's 20th jubilee Fair in Mostar, China held more than 400 square meters of exhibition space and among the exhibitors were world renowned Chinese companies, such as telecommunications giants Huawei and Zhong Xing Telecommunication - ZTE, the major appliances manufacturer Gree Elecrtic and the world's leading manufacturer of construction and mining machinery, LiuGong.

We thanked the Ambassador and the People’s Republic of China for recognizing the Mostar Fair as an ideal place for holding a fair within the "16 + 1" mechanism, which is the first time such thing happened in Bosnia and Herzegovina. We also invited our Chinese partners to be our guests at the 21st Mostar Fair and we expect their attendance in even larger number. We can’t emphasize enough how much it would mean, not only for the Fair, but for Bosnia and Herzegovina as well - highlighted Bošnjak.

The arrival of Chinese businessmen in Mostar could facilitate the announced visa abolition of Chinese citizens, and it is expected that such decision could be made by April 2018.


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