OBJAVLJENO 08.02.2017.
Sajam Mostar

Application for evaluation of wine samples at the 20th International business fair

Mostar Fair will on „20th International business fair“ reward the most successful winemakers who submit samples of their wines by 01/03/2017.

Committee, which is made up of renowned tasters and oenologists headed by Prof. Bernard Kozina will judge the received samples 06/03/2017. by method 100 positive points according to the established regulations of the Evaluation.

The best rated wines or winemakers and winegrowers will also receive awards that will reward and their approach of bringing raw materials, grapes, into a superior product.

The most successful will be awarded throughout the duration of the fair event 05.04.2017. At the fair event will participate many winegrowers and winemakers from Bosnia and Herzegovina, but also from Croatia, Montenegro, Italy and other countries, representatives of different wine labels.


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