OBJAVLJENO 07.04.2012.
Sajam Mostar

Round Table on Branding Herzegovina

In the last years it has been recorded a significant progress in using the tourist potential of Bosnia and Herzegovina, but in order to make a breakthrough it is necessary to involve the state more in the tourist department , as it has been emphasized at the round table „ Herzegovina as a brand „ , that was held at the Mostar Economy Fair.
At the round table that was held in the organisation of Reginal Developing Agency for Herzegovina (REDAH ) , the marketing experts , historians , tourist workers , and the government representatives have participated.

The participants of the round table agreed upon the fact that the indispensable segment of tourism and tourist offer is a brand , that means branding , on the basis of which the certain countries and regions are known in the world.
According to the historian Božo Skoko , there are four cathegories of sights that the branding should be based on : natural beauties ,cultural heritage , gastronomy and the well - known Herzegovinians.
The university professor Božo Skoko, moderator of the round table, pointed out that before we offer the brand to the foreign tourist, the same brand should be brought closer to the native population.

„The first phase of branding implies that we have to raise the awareness of the local population for the Herzegovininan identity , because a huge number of that potentials is not recognized by the people. We can not offer our own identity to the others if we do not live and celebrate it ourselves" , said Skoko.
He pointed out that Herzegovina has a lot to offer to the foreign tourist , but it is necessary to work on some preconditions for the tourism development, as for example, traffic infrastructure.
The chairman of REDAH Ivan Jurilj emphasized that several significant projects in cooperation with the Federal Ministry of Tourism have been initiated in Herzegovina, but for the further development of this economic segment , more significant involvment of the state will be necessary.
„The state is non-functional by itself a lot , and tourism does not recognize the administration , tourism does not know any boundaries. In this segment the state should be more flexible and open", concluded Jurilj.